Customer Service Call Center - This small call center recording software can record your inbound telephone calls at an incredible compression rate of 3.7mb/hour into windows wave(.wav) files using PC  voice modems. Also you may import an phone list and dial out one by one with the feature of the build in phone book.

This call center recording software can offer you an invaluable feature in your business, helping you monitor agent performance while performing quality assurance tasks. Order entry verification and confirmation can be easily accomplished when your calls are recorded. Digital message recording is also another means or media for your customers to communicate with you.


Features of Customer Service Call Center

  • Multi Line Recording - This call centre recording software supports four lines most of telephone call recording simultaneously in one PC. Of course you have to install multi modems in the same computer.
  • Auto Start Recording - When you lift the handset for an incoming call, Customer Service Call Centre will automatically start recording your conversation and save it to a file with the format:   "year-month-date~hour-minute-second~caller id~caller name.wav"
  • Real Time Audio Compression - The wave file is record with a low sample rate. This means you may store 8760 hours (One Year!) worth of wave files on a 32G hard disk.
  • Build in Phone Book - Store up to 3000 records containing  phone numbers and names or other information. If your modem supports CallerID,  the caller name and phone number will be displayed in the log file.  Also you may import a phone list and dial out to your customers one by one and record your conversations.
  • Answering Machine - Customer Service Call Centre will answer the call after a pre-set number of rings, play a greeting and record your voice mail.
  • Caller ID Detection Supported - You may get callerID information when:
    1. You have a voice modem that supports CALLER ID detection in your local state
    2. You have subscribed to the CALLER ID service
  • DTMF(Dual Tone Multi Frequency) Detecting - When the caller enter a  series of  digits on the telephone keypad, Customer Service Call Centre displays those digits. 
  • Backup Data - Provides a simple interface to backup or managing your wave files.
  • Log Management - Reviews or prints the log files(status) of every day connections.
  • Answer Ring Rules - Sets the number of rings before the answering machine responds to the call.
  • Hide to Systray - Minimizing the startup screen places an icon in the Systray










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