Why choose the "DSP Group TrueSpeech" wave file format but not MP3?

  • "TrueSpeech" is a Highest-quality and Low-bandwidth (about 1 KBps) for voice recording
  • TrueSpeech encoder is bundled free with Windows system. Sound files that you recorded can be playback with  Windows Sound Recorder.


Does Customer Service Call Center support multi line recording at the same time?

Yes, Customer Service Call Center supports four lines most, recording simultaneously. So if you want to record more than one line, you must install more than one modem in your computer.

But two PCI modems with the same chipset can not be installed in the same PC. This is the limitation of Windows system.


The call has ended but Customer Service Call Center will not disconnect:

When a call is terminated the phone company sends a "FAST BUSY SIGNAL" tone to each side of line. Because this signal varies in different countries your modem may not detect it if the modem was not made for that specific country.

When using an advanced modem, such as the MOTOROLA SM56PCI, that supports multinational protocols, you must, during the setup routine, select the correct country in which it is to be used.

A "last resort" method has been incorporated into Customer Service Call Center where either party, after the call has ended, can press twice the pound sign ('##') on either of the telephone’s keypads to forcibly break the connection.


Why can’t I record the first 2 to 3 seconds of a conversation?

It takes a short time for the hardware to detect that a connection has been made on an incoming call. The software then responds when the hardware says it’s OK to proceed. This delay can be minimized buy not answering the phone while it’s physically ringing - wait for the pause between rings. Once your are off hook pause for a couple of seconds before responding to the call. This will give the hardware and software time to "catch up".


My side of the conversation was not recorded:

Sometimes your telephone machine is not compatible with your modem. Change another telephone then it will work.